City of the rhythm beat, moment of the rhythm heart......


finally, the long awaited arrival of the funny foursome =)


all clad in white, to color coordinate I suppose! 


letting go and having a wild time 

Sharon showing off her flair for "more-ler-ling" and that trademark "grimace cum thumbs-up" move


My personal favourite!!

Bidding the fans goodbye


Sharon smiling at a little girl while being whisked off by an escort. A huge crowd looks on, take a closer look and you might even be able to spot yourself :)

Following the departure of the City Beaters was a huge stampede. Fans were scurrying after the hosts and a human barricade had to be formed between the 'em and the crowd. I was truly stunned at that sight, it's no doubt that their popularity beats any Zoe Tay or Fann Wong!  


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