all about Sharon

 Name Sharon Au
 Height 1.63m  
 Weight A little more or less than 47kg
 Birthday 13th August 1975
 Zodiac Leo
 Horoscope Rabbit
 Blood Type B+
 Hobbies Swimming, Travelling, Reading
 First Love 18+ (Why you so kaypoh? Hee~)
 Schools Chong Shan Primary School, St. Nicholas Girls' School, Hwa Chong Junior College

 Actresses Maggie Cheung, Glenn Close, Meryl Streep
 Author Milan Kundera, Maeve Binchy etc
 Colour White, Black
 Country Japan
 Eau de toilette 'Beautiful' by Estee Lauder, 'Modern' by Banana Republic
 Flowers White Lilies, Daisies
 Food/Snack Sushi, Chocolates 
 Fruit  Apple 
 Movies Cinema Paradiso, Luan Ling Yu
 Number 13
 Singers Madonna, Kit Chan,Akina Nakamori, Sandy Lam, Anita Mui


 All of the above information are likely to be correct, but not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. A word of advise, never believe everything you read (not that I'm trying to deceive you lah!=))