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Last Updated : November 29th, 1999

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A Little Message For The Newbies Here....

A very warm welcome to all you surfers, thanks a lot for dropping by! I had actually planned to do a page on Sharon since last year (this explains the extremely outdated piccy on the main page =)) but it was only til now that i finally started *sheepish*. I'll try to update this page as often as my free time allows me to and meanwhile, go check out s.@u, which I'm sure all you Sharon Au fans out there are most familiar with. Manned by Daniel, who happens to be one of Sharon's best pals, I'm amazed by how incredibly efficient he is when it comes to updating and upgrading his website. That's all for now, make yourself at home and errm...make do with these few links, but it won't be too long before the rest are done, now that's a promise *wink* ;)




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